Why RL360 Calls Isle of Man Home

RL360 is proud to call Isle of Man the home to our corporate headquarters.

The Isle of Man has an outstanding reputation for investor protection and security, and enjoys exceptional economic and political stability. As one of the world’s largest financial services centres, the Isle of Man provides our high net worth clients with an offshore advantage and greater scope for tax efficiency.

Watch this video to learn more about why being located on the Isle of Man provides our policyholders with security and peace of mind.

You can learn more about our Isle of Man headquarters at http://www.rl360.com/row/aboutus/.

For more information on our offshore investment and savings solutions visit http://www.rl360.com/row/includes/m1.htm.

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NARRATOR: A quarter of a century ago, RL360 made our home on the Isle of Man – a vibrant and forward thinking community in the middle of the Irish Sea. At just 33 miles long, the Island boasts rolling hills and breath-taking coastlines, but it wasn’t the exceptional natural beauty or the world famous TT races that brought us here.

The Isle of Man’s unique characteristics and its dynamic environment help us offer our high net worth clients a range of unrivalled benefits.

Part of the British Isles, the Isle of Man is a self-governing British Crown Dependency, separately legislated through Tynwald, the longest continuous parliament in the world.

ALLAN BELL, ISLE OF MAN CHIEF MINISTER: The Isle of Man has always prided itself on the close working relationship between the government and the private sector. Financial services are absolutely at the centre of what we do. We’ve had 30 years of unbroken growth currently the Isle of Man is economy is growing by 4.5% and we expect that to continue.

The underlying strength of the Manx economy, the political stability which helps to underpin that and the revenues generated to the Isle of Man government has enabled us to develop a good relationship with the credit rating agencies and we have the top level rating for a small jurisdiction anywhere in the world.

NARRATOR: Having been internationally recognised as a financial services centre of excellence, the Isle of Man is the global number one choice for offshore life assurance companies. The Island has been given a Moody’s AA1 sovereign rating for credit worthiness, and companies based here currently manage funds worth over £58 billion.

ALLAN BELL: The Isle of Man has been very blessed over the last few years because of its aggressive focus on innovation, on new ideas, not just for financial services but for quite a range of other activities. We’ve been able to spot opportunities more quickly perhaps than some of the larger jurisdictions and because of our size and our ability to legislate for ourselves, we’ve been able to capitalise on those opportunities to ensure continued growth in the economy.

NARRATOR: Because of this secure political and social environment, the Isle of Man is home to progressive, world-leading companies in aerospace, e-business, telecommunications and technology.

With RL360, you can rest assured that your money is safe. The Isle of Man is recognised by the OECD, G20 and the IMF for excellence in financial regulation and complying with international standards. Not only that, but the government strongly supports global initiatives to share information in the fight against financial crime.

ALLAN BELL: We have a wide range of consumer protection legislations in place alongside a very proactive regulator who oversees this to make sure that consumers can invest in the Isle of Man with absolute confidence.

The policy holder’s protection in the eyes of the Isle of Man government is absolute central to everything we do in financial services.

We expect all businesses based here to have consumer protection absolutely at the forefront of their consideration.

The Isle of Man has a very pro-business government and has done for many many years. We have currently re-launched the drive to expand the economy further with an enterprise fund, a very substantial enterprise fund.

So we are committed to growing the existing business here and to attract new areas of activity, and this is coming from around the world – a whole range of different countries now are investing here.

NARRATOR: We’re incredibly proud to contribute to the Isle of Man’s global strength, and to share its security and stability with our clients.

RL360. Count on us.


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