VE Day: Isle of Man pauses to mark 75th anniversary – BBC News

Communities across the Isle of Man have fallen silent to mark the 75th anniversary of VE Day.

The day commemorates the surrender of Germany to the Allied Forces on 8 May 1945, signalling the beginning of the end of World War Two.

A two-minute silence was observed throughout the island at 11:00 BST to mark the anniversary.

As part of the commemorations, a bugler and piper will play The Last Post at the summit of Snaefell Mountain.

A spokesman for the government said it was “an opportunity to remember the immense sacrifices made both on the battlefield and at home that led to victory over Nazi forces in Europe”.

Although plans for a parade in Douglas and an open air celebration at the Villa Marina were cancelled amid the coronavirus pandemic, households were encouraged to have a “stay at home garden party” to mark the anniversary.

A series of videos outlining the island’s involvement in the conflict and archive newspapers covering VE Day have also been made available online.

The initiative is a joint venture involving Culture Vannin, Manx National Heritage (MHH), and the Department of Education, Sport and Culture.

MNH social history curator Mathew Richardson said “given the enormous contribution of the island to allied victory, this is a very significant anniversary”.

“Those countries of western Europe which were liberated from tyranny… stand deeply indebted to the people of that generation… as indeed do we, who came afterwards and who have been able to live our lives in peace.”

A set of seven commemorative coins featuring depictions of scenes synonymous with VE Day has been produced to mark the anniversary.

Each coin is also embossed with a different letter, collectively spelling the word “victory”.


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