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CFMoto offers a decent selection of motorcycles that are extremely competitive price-wise. The 650 NK’s 649cc parallel twin produces between 55 and 65 horsepower, depending on the market. In Australia, the motorcycle is one of the most powerful bikes for novice riders. The low price makes it easy to forget that it is not particularly well equipped. However, this is now changed with the CFMoto 650 NK SP.
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The 650 NK SP is a premium version, equipped with a lot of technical features to bring it on par with the Japanese competition. Visually, only minor things have been changed compared to the standard model. The design was created by the Austrian company KISKA, who are also responsible for many KTM designs.
The 650 NK SP is equipped with a 5-inch TFT instrument, which can be used, for example, to set the riding modes. This is operated via illuminated switches on the handlebars. The two driving modes “Sport” and “Eco” are available.
The engine is now Euro5-compliant, which could be an indication that the model could also come to the European market. The exhaust system and the Bosch EFI system have also been revised. The 6-speed transmission has been upgraded with a slipper clutch. This prevents the rear wheel from locking up when downshifting from high rpm.
In Australia, the motorcycle is offered for AUD 7,790 including a 3-year warranty with no mileage limit. Converted, this corresponds to about 5,900 USD or around 5,050 euros.

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