Tynwald backs plans to overhaul Isle of Man Post Office – BBC News

Plans for a major overhaul of the Isle of Man Post Office have been backed by the island’s politicians.

The proposals could see a cut in the number of sub-post offices as it focuses on “demand driven” services.

Post office chairman Julie Edge said the changes were necessary to “off-set” its retail losses, which are predicted to rise to £1.7 million by 2023-24.

Chris Robertshaw MHK described the plans as “vague” and akin to “signing up to a magical mystery tour”.

Two amendments tabled by Tim Baker MHK and Tynwald speaker Juan Watterson MHK, which sought to place the post office’s “modernisation” under additional scrutiny from the government, were both rejected.

‘Irreversible decline’

Mr Baker accused the post office of a “lack of transparency” and “insufficient substance” in its financial forecasting.

He said the service was “effectively abandoning” customers who relied on it.

A report published by the post office earlier this month said it expected a further decline in face-to-face services.

Key contracts to provide road tax and driving licences as well as benefit and pension payments, worth more than £1m annually in retail income, also looked set to be lost by 2022-23.

Mrs Edge said the “size and scope of the retail network” was decreasing and counter services were in an “irreversible decline”.

Last December, Tynwald approved another cost-cutting measure to reduce postal deliveries from six to five days and the final Saturday delivery is due on 19 October.

Source: bbc.com

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