Truman Falls, “Last Man on The Moon”

This was the promo video made by DAM Productions for the closing track of the band’s debut album, “Little Happyhells”.

The song itself received airplay on BBC Radio 2, was played live on Janice Long’s R2 evening show, and has been requested for use in a documentary about the moon landings with the same title.

Interesting bit of trivia: a large part of this video was shot ‘guerilla style’ on the streets of London between around 3am and 7am to get the ’empty streets’ look; walking over one of the bridges at break of dawn, we noticed a random female purposefully dropping pieces of newspaper all around the deserted area – (you can spot her at 2’39”). Months later, sat in a local cinema watching Cillian Murphy walk across a deserted bridge with newspapers flying round his ankles, we realised what was being shot at the same time we were filming this video – “28 Days Later”.


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