Triumph Daytona 675R IOM TT Sidecar Fitted With PS3.5 & DBS

Demonstration of Pro-Shift’s own Triumph 675R Powered F2 Sidecar outfit fitted with Pro-Shift’s latest PS3.5 Semi-Auto Push Button Gearshifting System.

World’s first Closed-Loop superbike gearshift system provides the fastest, safest, clutchless up and downshifts by actively monitoring the gearbox barrel position at all times.
NOTE; Gearshift times of under 20mS (milliseconds) are regularly seen.

This PS3.5 System is fitted with our own DBS (Downshift Blipping System) the throttle blipper then provides clutchless “auto-blipped” downshifts.

Downshift lockout is provided as standard to prevent over-revving of the engine when downshifting (The system will not allow downshifts when above a set RPM limit)

Two gearshifting maps are provided by way of a handlebar mounted switch which allows riders to choose between the two maps (Wet & Dry) on the fly to suit all race or road conditions.

Our systems can be fitted to any superbike or sidecar, we provide a UK fitting/set up service and have distributors worldwide who also provide a fitting/set up service. Race track support is available, please contact us for details.

Please check out our website for further information at or email us at


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