Thousands have broadband connection restored on Isle of Man – BBC News

Thousands of businesses and homes across the Isle of Man left without internet access for more than two days have had their connection restored.

Some 7,000 people had services reconnected shortly before 20:30 BST on Wednesday, Manx Telecom said.

The firm’s chief executive Gary Lamb said repairs had been put in place to deal with a network fault.

A full investigation into the outage would now take place, he added.

Benefit and pension payments using the government’s MiCard services were also back up and running, a spokeswoman for Isle of Man Post Office confirmed.

Apologising to those affected, Mr Lamb said the firm would be applying a credit to those who used their mobile phone as an alternative to broadband.

The Communications Commission said it would assess whether there were “any issues” that needed to be pursued further.

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