The Isle of Man – Coin collection 1990

9 – coin set from the Isle of Man. The reverse of each coin represents the broadening growth of the Manx economy. 1 penny : manufacturing industries, represented by lathe and cogwheel, flourish in the bouyant Manx economy – 2 pence : traditional arts and crafts are an expanding business on the Island utilising ancient Manx skills – 5 pence : splendid scenery and recreational facilities draw the Island a thriving tourist industry, wind surfing being just one popular attraction – 20 pence : agriculture, an important Manx industry, depicted by a modern combine harvester framed in wheat – 50 pence : The Manx triskelion emblem on a VDU screan emphasises the speed with which the IOM has adopted computer technology – 1 pound : the ultramodern Manx communications systems represented by cellnet Phone, satellite and parabolic receiver – 2 pounds : symbolising air transport, vital to worldwide communications, a new advanced BAC 146-100 jet flies above the Island – 5 pounds : fishing, a major Manx industry, is depicted by a modern inshore vessel sailing above herrings and lobsters. KM# MS 23. Mintage : unknown.


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