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An Island of Contrasts
Island of Contrasts has been completely re-shot in widescreen to bring the hugely popular title up-to-date. Set like an emerald in the silver-blue of the Irish Sea, the Isle of Man is one of the gems of the British Isles.

A magical land of spell-binding contrasts – of purple mountains and rocky shores, ancient castles and bustling commerce, peaceful glens and fast, furious motorsport. And although it is one of the worlds busiest offshore finance centres, it is also thankfully one of those special places where there is always time enough to enjoy a rare quality of life. Just some thirty two miles long by eleven wide, the Isle of Man has a diverse landscape – from rolling hills to colourful harbours, castles to cottages, stone circles to steam railways. It also has a rich and varied culture – Celts and Vikings were the predominant early influences and their legacy is still strongly felt today.

Island of Contrasts has been re-shot in widescreen and features stereo sound, bringing this much loved title up-to-date. It contains beautiful camera shots, including some fantastic new aerial footage from locations around the Isle of Man.

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