The Gardens of Cregneash: preserving the way people grew food 100 years ago

Cregneash is a living folk village on the Isle of Man. Originally a small crofting community, the cottages and land were acquired by Manx National Heritage to preserve the way of life of 19th and early 20th century farmers and village folk. You can walk into the village, visit the cottages, and learn more about cottage industry and crafts. You can also wander through the gardens that surround the cottages. Here you’ll find a variety of soft-fruit, flowers, vegetables, wildflowers, and medicinal herbs.

In this video I chat with Karen Griffiths, head gardener at Cregneash about what the gardens preserve of the past. A time when people had to grow their own vegetables, medicine, and household products. Remnants of these days are still alive and thriving with every ancient seed that gets uncovered and begins to grow.

In this video:
✽ Interview with Karen Griffiths, head gardener at Cregneash
✽ Learning how important having a small garden was to people a century ago.
✽ A look a the medicinal herbs growing at Cregneash
✽ Clips from walking around the site and speaking about plants and their uses
✽ Annual wildflower patch for bees, butterflies, and birds

Karen Griffiths is currently hired as head gardener at Cregneash. She’s employed for only six hourse, one day per week and desperately needs help with the gardens. If you can help as a volunteer, please get in touch with her. More information and contact details are over here:

Further links & info:

My first tour around the gardens of Cregneash including photos of what it looks like GREEN and also a hundred years ago:

Manx National Heritage:

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