St Pier interviewed by Isle of Man TV about air bridge – Guernsey Press

Speaking to Isle of Man media earlier this week, when the subject was raised, Deputy St Pier said: ‘If we are in a position to assist the Isle of Man with its own transport connectivity in the future that would be great, we all recognise the challenges of transport.

‘So yes, in those situations where the relationship and the opportunities will arise.

‘The more connection we have then the more opportunity we will find, I’m sure.’

Isle of Man TV reporter Paul Moulton asked Deputy St Pier if such a deal was the way forward given Aurigny loses significant sums.

‘It does lose a lot of money and that’s been one of our major political challenges over the last decade or so,’ said Deputy St Pier.

‘But for us we’ve always regarded it as being a strategic national asset because it does enable us to have security over our own transport links.’

For years he has felt there was an opportunity to support Manx transport links.

‘If it makes commercial sense for the airline and it works for you why not, so I’m delighted there have been some initial conversations.’

Mr Moulton then asked Deputy St Pier whether it was likely the Island Games 2021 would take place in Guernsey as planned.

‘A decision will need to be made probably by the end of September. Clearly there is a substantial amount of risk and the organisers will need to make that judgement.’


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