Shake-up of Isle of Man Classic TT and Manx Grand Prix schedule proposed for 2020 – BBC Sport

An official signalling three minutes to the start of a qualifying session

The 2020 Isle of Man Classic TT and Manx Grand Prix (MGP) races schedule could be overhauled under new proposals by the Department for Enterprise (DfE).

Under the changes, the first combined qualifying sessions would take place a day later than usual on 23 August.

The proposals would also see the Lightweight and Junior Classic TT races reduced from four laps to three.

The DfE said the changes would “improve the spectator experience” and ease the demands on those involved in the event.

The 2019 schedule for the Classic TT and MGP races was severely disrupted by bad weather, leading to the final race day being moved forward for the first time in the event’s history.

Classes will be split per session on alternate days.

A shake-up of mixed qualifying would see classes sent out on alternate days between Monday and Thursday based on speed in order to “maximise the time on track per class, reduce the volume of machines on the course and reduce the congestion through technical inspection and into the parc ferme area”.

The proposals would “ensure optimum alignment of speeds and experience between the Classic TT and Manx Grand Prix competitors during shared qualifying sessions”, the DfE added.

Friday evening’s qualifying session would be moved to the afternoon, while one additional practice lap would take place prior to racing on Classic TT race days.

Last month the DfE announced proposals for similar changes for the June TT races, and a consultation over the revised road closures needed for the overhaul has been launched.

Under the changes, the 2020 Classic TT and Manx Grand Prix races would run from 23 August to 4 September.


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