Sega Manx TT SuperBike – TT Course – TT Mode

Here is a quick run on SEGA’s 1995 motorbike arcade racer, Manx TT SuperBike. This is more difficult TT Course, and hard to clear without touching the sides of the course. At least in TT Mode, you only have to go flat out all the way to get the fastest clear time.

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Since there are only two tracks in this game, I have done the race and the TT mode on both tracks, the race is just like a basic race, while TT Mode is aiming for the fastest lap possible, which the computer bikes far away, so it can be hard to get any speed boost from slipstreaming the bikes.

Manx TT was ported to the SEGA Saturn, and like the other Model 2 games, it just isn’t as good as the arcade version. This is played using the Sega Model 2 emulator – M2.

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