Scots bike dealer’s fury over copyright claim by Isle of Man government which cost him thousands – Daily Record

A dad has spent thousands renaming his small motorbike business after being hit with a copyright action by the Isle of Man government.

Bike fanatic Chris Adam named his independent Glasgow dealership TT Motorcycles when he started up two years ago, giving a nod to the famous road race he has followed since he was a boy.

But after watching his one-man business go from strength to strength, the 35-year-old was stunned to receive a letter from government lawyers telling him he must immediately cease trading under the name due to “trade mark infringement”.

Lawyers said Chris’s small firm could take trade away from the Government, which owns the name TT – leaving him with no choice but to reinvent his firm as CA Motorcycles.

The dad of one said: “It’s been a sore one, to say the least. I’m just a wee business from Glasgow. I can’t compete with a government on this.

“To take two years building something to get your name out there and then have to go through a name change and rebrand at such an early stage was really disappointing.

“Everyone always thinks a rebrand is for financial reasons but in this case it’s not. It’s kind of bully-boy tactics, the way it’s been handled.”

Earlier this month, Chris received correspondence from global law giants Eversheds Sutherland, acting on behalf of the department for enterprise at the Isle of Man government.

It said: “Clearly, ‘TT Motorcycles’ and the stylisation of the ‘TT’ logo that is in use on your website is highly similar to the TT
Registrations owned by our client.

“In view of the high level of similarity between the respective marks and the substantial goodwill enjoyed by the TT Registrations, there is a risk of confusion as members of the public may consider your services are connected to our client’s business.”

It added: “As a result, our client will suffer damage, such as, by way of example, loss of sales or dilution to its brand.”

Lawyers said they would file a request with Companies House to change the name of the
business if action was not taken within seven days. Chris said: “I’m a one-man band and it would have cost thousands to go to court so I had to walk away.

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“I had been trading for two years when I got the letter. Our reviews were outstanding so it was a kick in the teeth. All the hard work trying to promote TT Motorcycles was wasted and it has definitely cost me a couple of grand to rebrand.

“I sponsor a couple of racers and had to change their bikes, my clothing, stationery, website and my van. I just want people to know CA Motorcycles is the same trusted service.”

The Isle of Man Government said the matter was “rectified and closed amicably”.

A spokeswoman said: “Given the success of the TT races, the Department for Enterprise understands businesses will wish to refer to the event and the TT and Motorsport team are on hand to provide clarity as to the acceptance of any use of the words ‘TT’ or the TT logo.”


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