Samaritans on Isle of Man say ‘be kind to yourself’ – ITV News

While it’s good to set goals and make steps towards personal growth, the new year can often present difficulties, especially when there’s so much pressure for people to “live their best life” and “new year, new me”.

We hear from people all over the UK who are struggling to just make it through the day, so having the additional pressure of unrealistic resolutions or the need to become a different person can become too much.

Please remember that you don’t need to reinvent yourself, you’re fine just as you are.

Instead of thinking and talking about what we need to change about ourselves, let’s think about all the things that make us great, or that we’re good at.

If you’re struggling to cope, or know people who are finding life difficult, we’re here to help. Our listening service is available 24/7 and calls from the Isle of Man are answered by volunteers around the UK or Ireland, so you’re highly unlikely to end up on the line to someone you know. If you need to talk to someone please don’t suffer in silence, pick up the phone and call us on 116123.’


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