If your father owned a motorcycle when you were a little kid, chances are that you went absolutely crazy with excitement when riding on the back of his bike, amazed by the wonders of the world passing by at full speed. And if you followed his footsteps by being a biker yourself, you know one thing: that sense of wonder has not changed a single bit now that you’re an adult.

And while building RIDE 3, we knew one thing: we had to find a way to recreate that very same sense of wonder in the game. Luckily enough, PS4 PRO made our life easy (well, a bit easier, at least), since it’s the perfect platform to run the game at 60 frames per second. Have a look at it yourself.

That means, if you’re a PS4 PRO owner, you’ll just have to enable the 60 FPS mode to open up an entirely new and vibrant riding experience thanks to three important aspects: fluidity, control, and responsiveness. Thanks to the 60 FPS extreme fluidity, those crazy-beautiful sceneries we’ve created for tracks like Lake of Garda or Macau, will leave you out of breath when springing through them at full speed. And not just for the smoother movements, but also thanks to clearer images while there is fast movement on the screen.

But being a rider isn’t just about enjoying the panorama. It’s also about control: of yourself and of your bike. And playing at 60 FPS will provide you with more control over your vehicle like never before. Just like in real life, thrusting a bit too much on the throttle can make a huge difference, and leaning a few degrees more requires good timing, courage, and self-control. In RIDE 3, pushing a bit too hard on the analog stick may result in losing control of your bike. At the same time, though, if you’re too conservative, your opponents won’t have a hard time passing you.

What will really make a difference is going to be the responsiveness. Being able to pick the bike you love the most among hundreds is important. But it wouldn’t be too fun if all of them feel the same. Here at Milestone we all are gamers, of course, but also bike lovers, if not experienced riders. And what is great about riding is that each bike is a different experience.

While playing at 60 frames per second you’ll be able to feel how each bike differs from the others: different acceleration, different weight, different riding style. Feel your vehicle react to your input in real-time; know what braking a millisecond later really means in terms of performance, and feel your opponents at your side while they’re surpassing you at full speed.

While creating RIDE 3 we strived to make the most enjoyable and true-to-life motorbike experience in a videogame, and playing it at 60 FPS really helped on reaching the goal. The game will be out on PS4 on the 30th of November.



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