Peel Commisssioners to continue managing DOI homes – 3FM

Tuesday, August 27th, 2019 6:31am

By Ewan Gawne – Local Democracy Reporter

Peel Commissioners will continue to manage 20 government-owned properties following a successful pilot scheme.

The public sector homes at Carmane Close and Derby Drive have been managed by the local authority since 2017, as part of a two-year trial.

It’s now been extended by the Department of Infrastructure.

Before the trial began, the authority had expressed an appetite to administer more of the public sector housing in the town.

Peel Commissioners manage and maintain around 350 homes, collecting rents, supervising tenants and allocating properties.

Chairman Alan Jones says the transfer from the department was smooth, and has worked well.

He says it forms part of a greater ambition amongst authorities in the west to see further housing passed over by the department.


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