‘No immediate plans to pedestrianise Castle Street’ – 3FM

Thursday, July 2nd, 2020 6:03am

By Rob Pritchard @rpritchard9

There are no immediate plans to pedestrianise a busy street in Castletown on the weekends.

Castletown Commissioners recently asked for the views of residents on potentially making Castle Street a pedestrian-only zone on Saturdays to allow businesses such as cafes and restaurants to increase their space outdoors.

The authority held conversations with those running hospitality businesses in the area which came before social distancing restrictions were lifted on June 15.

However, officials say the idea has not been completely discounted should social distancing guidelines change in future.

The commissioners add they’re also working on a discussion document for a debate on the town’s transport infrastructure, as they feel they can do more for those wanting to cycle to work as well as improving between the train station and town centre for locals and visitors.

Source: three.fm

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