New Isle of Man stamp series celebrates Manx language – BBC News

A new series of stamps celebrating Manx Gaelic is a “fantastic opportunity” to celebrate the resurgent language, a cultural organisation has said.

Featuring six designs, they portray “a day in the life of two Manx mice” with a variety of Gaelic greetings.

Culture Vannin’s Jamys O’Meara, who provided the text, said the organisation was “delighted” to be involved in the project.

The collection comes with a language guide and will be issued this week.

The launch coincides with Manx national week and the the 120th anniversary of the Manx Language Society.

Mr O’Meara said the stamps provided a chance for everyone on the Isle of Man “to engage with one living aspect of this rich culture, even if it is just by using the odd incidental phrase”.

Declared extinct by Unesco in 2009, the Manx language has enjoyed a revival in recent years.

The Isle of Man Post Office approached Culture Vannin about the project earlier this year.

Illustrator Mary Cousins said she hoped the stamps would “spread a little Manx cheer”.


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