New ECG machines will ‘improve patient experience’ at Isle of Man hospital – BBC News

The donation of three electrocardiogram (ECG) machines will “make a huge difference to patients” at Noble’s Hospital, Health Minister David Ashford said.

Two of the devices will be used in the emergency department – which previously had only one – while the third will be used on the children’s ward.

It will be first time the ward has had its own dedicated ECG equipment.

The machines were funded by the Manx Heart Foundation at a cost of £21,000.

Mr Ashford said the equipment was “very much needed” to ensure tests “can be done quickly and efficiently”.

He said the donation would reduce the amount of time patients spend “worrying about what condition they might have”.

“That benefits staff time, patient turnover and patient experience,” he added.

ECG machines can detect irregularities as well as previous damage, including that caused by heart attacks.

The equipment is used to diagnose patients that have symptoms including chest pain, palpitations and dizziness.

Nurses will now be able to carry out tests on patients waiting to be seen by a doctor.

Doctors will then be able to see the scan results immediately.


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