Mother starts first Manx dyslexia peer support group to combat ‘isolation’ – BBC News

A mother has created the Isle of Man’s first dyslexia peer support group to ensure people with the condition and their parents feel less “isolated”.

Julia Furner, whose daughter has dyslexia, said the group was “about parents trying to help their children”.

She said she had often felt as if she was “the only one going through this” and had been “naive” of the condition.

Manx Dyslexia Association said the monthly meetings could “prove to be a valuable forum to exchange ideas”.

Ms Furner said she started the group as she found after her daughter’s diagnosis, there had not been “help to sit down with you and go through what it is”.

She added that the response to the group, which recently held its first meeting, had been positive and she hoped it would help “build a network of people” that could “learn from each other”.

The International Dyslexia Association estimates between 15-20% of people “have some of the symptoms” of dyslexia, which can affect a person’s ability to read, write and spell, as well as their speech, memory and co-ordination.


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