Manx vehicle duty change welcomed by motorhome owners – BBC News

Plans for a six-month vehicle tax on the Isle of Man are a “good thing”, a motorhome owners organisation has said.

The government plans to introduce changes to payments by the end of 2020.

Manx Motorhome Group chairman Brian Gregory welcomed the idea but said “the worry is we haven’t seen any detail yet”.

He added that he could not “see government giving much away”, adding he would be interested to see “how they’re going to administrate it”.

Motorhome owner Peter Chadwick agreed it was a “positive step” as it was “very difficult to get the full use and value” out of the vehicles under the current 12-month system.

He said paying duty for a full year was “a bit stupid” because the vehicles were not used during the winter months.

“If you can tax them during the months when you’re going to use them, that’s great,” he added.

“It’s very positive depending how it’s rolled out.”

On Tuesday, Infrastructure Minister Tim Baker said plans for a “full suite of online services for driver and vehicle licensing” would be available “later this year”.

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