Manx TT Superbike – T.T. Course

Manx TT Superbike – Sega Saturn 1997
Manx TT Superbike is another successful Sega arcade game port to Sega Saturn. Despite the gulf in technology between Sega’s Model 2 arcade board and the Saturn, the port still remains among the Saturn’s finer looking titles with detailed racers and brightly coloured tracks.
The gameplay is pretty intense and conveys a great sensation of speed as you negotiate each bend of the two courses available. Of particular benefit is the use of the Saturn’s 3D analogue controller which provides a greater degree of precision control than the standard controller would otherwise provide.
A raft of modes including Arcade mode, Saturn mode, Time Trial and a 2 player option as well as a decent soundtrack round out what is another great racer on the Saturn.

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