Manx TT Superbike (Sega Saturn PAL version)

Just a quick gameplay video of Manx TT Superbike.

Well from the beginning of the start of the race to the end, This game has it. You actually feel the speed in first person and someimtes in third. You’ll need the “Knights” gamepad for smooth controls though. 2-player is alright, nothing new. There’s uh…2 tracks to play with. Both can also be mirrored. Best thing to do is try to get the highest scores since there’s so much score tables. There are lots of cars and all but 1 is made by honda (?). The other one is made by kawasaki. The tracks are well done but we need more of it. Easy track is short but you can get highest speeds on it. Expert track is a little harder and you need more skill. Same thing on mirrored tracks.

The graphics are great! What else would you expect from Sega? All 3d, crowds, even when a computer player crashes! Lot’s and Lot’s of colorfull things in the tracks.

I can’t find anything wrong with the sound,There’s about seven tracks of music on the cd. There all pretty good. The sound effects have the usual. Ready, GO!, vroom vroom engine stuff.

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