Manx TT SuperBike – Sega Saturn – Arcade, Sheep & Time Trial modes gameplay [HD 1080p]

Solid enough port of the AM3 arcade game with a selections of extra modes added in. Ported by the infamous Tantalus, known for doing cheap jobs, this port turned out far better than their later House of the Dead one. Manx TT SuperBike is not the strongest racing game on the Saturn the arcade was a great five minutes of fun riding a bike, but with only two tracks, four if you include the reserve track there isn’t a huge about here to keep you coming back. Saturn modes adds in a number of bikes to select and players can also unlock a new superbike mode, running at a smooth 30fps. Rubber banding A.I. take a lot of the fun out of race, the first person camera angle doesn’t work and the game is unplayable with the steering wheel and is best played with the analogue pad instead. On the plus side it can be picked up cheaply and you can easily get your money worth out of it.

Note the PAL release is best avoid as due to poor optimised the timer wasn’t correctly adjusted to match the game speed at 50hz, the end result is a game much harder than the NTSC release. This footage is from the NTSC J version of Manx TT SuperBike.

Also known as: マンクスTT スーパーバイク (Japan)

Release: 1997
Developer: Tantalus
Publisher: Sega
Format: Sega Saturn (SS) / セガサターン

Manx TT SuperBike is also got a PC release at the same time but hasn’t been re-released since.

Randomised Gaming blog:

Unemulated footage captured directly from a modified European Sega Saturn at 60hz using RGB Scart via a scart upscaler in order for it to work with an Elgato HD60 Pro.


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