Manx TT Superbike (PC) – Restored Arcade/Saturn voice mod

Not a really good run, eh? But, that’s wasn’t the point of this video.

I see lot of people complaining that SEGA changed the announcer voices when they released Manx TT on the PC, so I restored the audio from the Saturn version mixed with the arcade version and bring back the Hisaki Nimiya voice to the PC version.

If you want to download the mod, here’s the link:!24MmwJ4b!tVcS4rCD28l-74yFhPMEAZit8ekHS4pqx9S6qcTndc8

Note: The video was originally in 640×480 and 60fps, but since YT only can play the 60fps content on 720p onwards, so I upscaled it to 960×720 so YT can play it on 60fps.


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