Manx TT Superbike, 1995 Sega (20 From ’95 Part 19)

Lovely motorcycle racing game set on the Isle Of Man, this allows you choice of 2 different courses– the Laxey Coast course (fictional) and the TT Course (based on a real course), which is more difficult. The usual choice of Manual or Automatic transmission is given, and you also have the choice of using the default viewpoint (driver”s view) or selecting to view from behind. I had to use the Sega Model2 emulator which is generally fantastic, but for some reason the other cyclists achieved top speed automatically, leaving me in the dust from the get-go and I could NOT catch up. I played this in MAME as well and I didn’t have that problem, though the graphics are not emulated well enough (the other racers don’t even appear). The usual checkpoints to restore your time are in this game. A very funny code exists that allows you to ride a sheep, while all the other racers are sheep! Very silly music and sound effects ensue: At the Transmission Select screen press Shift UP twice, Shift DOWN twice, lean left, lean right (the control is an upright bike), and press Brake and Accelerator at the same time. A bleat will indicate the code was correctly inputted. Another fun racer from Sega!


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