Manx TT Super Bike – Sega Saturn

Never a fan – never play it – never liked the arcade version either.

Ok, so undeniably they did a tremendous job getting this onto the Saturn as brilliantly as they did (even the PAL version looked the bollocks), but the arcade machine’s experience of sitting on a full size motorcycle and leaning as you raced was lost on the console – I suppose I really should go into the loft and dig out my analogue pad and see if it was true that the game was made for it but I just can’t be bothered. As you can see trying to play without the analogue pad gives very little control and I expect it would be improved with the 3D pad. I do not find it FUN!

One of the issues I had with the game apart from it being a motorcycle armchair racer was that the in game ‘Saturn’ mode would have been better with some new tracks instead of just reversing the two existing ones. Yes, I did buy this for my PAL machine all those years ago but it became very boring probably on the day of purchase – I then lent it to a friends 7 year old and never asked for it back – he actually played it with the Saturn steering wheel as I recall so as far as I was concerned was having more fun than me.

I am a big fan of racing games on ALL consoles but have never been a fan of motorcycle games other than Road Rash so while I can still see it is really good, and I would still therefore recommend it if this is your thing, I have the Japanese version purely to add to my collection as it it very cheap to buy, even today.


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