Manx Radio ‘must make changes’ after Stu Peters investigation – BBC News

A campaign group has urged Manx Radio to make changes after an investigation into a presenter’s on-air comments in relation to Black Lives Matter.

The Communications Commission said Stu Peters did not break rules in a debate where he questioned “white privilege”.

A People of Colour Isle of Man (POC IOM) spokeswoman said changes were needed to policies and education.

Manx Radio managing director Chris Sully said he was “very open” to discussing “how we can best do that”.

He added that he hoped to introduce staff programmes such as “diversity and ethnicity training”.

‘Insensitive’ comments

Mr Peters was suspended by Manx Radio after a programme last month in which a caller challenged him for writing “all lives matter” in an online forum.

He told the caller that he had “had no more privilege in my life than you had”.

The commission said the comments made by Mr Peters could be considered “insensitive” but there was no evidence that they had been done to “stir up racial hatred”.

The POC IOM spokeswoman said the comments “were not fit to be said on radio”.

She said if Manx Radio wanted to discuss delicate topics in future then staff should “at least undergo routine training on how to manage sensitive conversations”.

Mr Peters was reinstated by Manx Radio this week.

In an online post, Mr Peters said he was “delighted” to be back on air, adding that he felt “people should be able to discuss things rationally and respectfully”.


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