Manx Folk Dance Society

Dance: Tree Cassyn Vannin
The Three Legs of Mann appear on the Manx flag and were the inspiration for this dance, composed
by a member of the Society in celebration of the Manx Millennium in 1979.

Up to 25 performers
Accompanied by live musicians
Display dancing and can include audience

Formed in 1951, the Manx Folk Dance Society (MFDS) is
the longest running dance group in the Island. With a total
membership of around 65 of all ages, around 25 people
regularly attend practice sessions. Adults and juniors
practise and often perform together. The MFDS performs
regularly throughout the year but, like other groups, has a
busier schedule in the summer months when dancers are
in demand at local fairs and tourist events. Throughout its history, the MFDS has maintained links to
folk groups in England and other European countries. The society also encourages other dance
groups to the Island and has made exchanges with groups from Sweden, Norway, Germany and

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Filmed by the Manx Heritage Foundation for the promotional DVD Manx Music & Dance/ Kiaull as Rinkey


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