Manx ferry firm urged to ‘catch up’ on electric vehicle technology – BBC News

The Manx ferry company has “catching up to do” on catering for electric cars, a campaigner has said.

David Dorricott said the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company had fallen behind other companies, such as Irish Ferries, which installed on-board electric charge points 2011.

The firm said it had not finalised its position on the matter but would “look into it in due course”.

Flagship vessel Ben-my-Chree is due to be replaced in 2021.

There are currently 280 electric vehicles and 706 hybrid vehicles registered on the island.

Manx Utilities, which has installed 24 charge points across the island, said it would be “happy to give the company advice”.

Mr Dorricott added: “No-one wants to sit for three-and-a-half hours on the boat and then get off and have to charge their car.”


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