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A red panda currently missing from Curragh’s Wildlife Park has been spotted.

The male Panda – Kush escaped its enclosure last week. 

Local man James Gale posted on social media to say he’d spotted the animal, but still needed to catch him.

James had set up a wildlife camera and left food to see if the Panda was around.

Posting on social media, James said:

“Found the panda! We just need to catch him now..

It was Carl’s hunting skills that worked! He cut down some bamboo and put it in front of his nature camera.

We thought the chances were slim but we caught the panda on camera within 12 hours of setting it up. Then again and again.
Hopefully we will see him again tomorrow.”

When speaking to 3FM James said “We are animal lovers and since hearing about escaped panda we were very concerned so we set up a camera and placed some chopped up bamboo in front of the camera. Within 12 hours we had the footage of the panda. We have been out daily looking around to see if we can spot him and we are so happy that we have found him safe. 
We contacted the park straight away and they came over to look where we spotted him.”

It comes following Park Officials appealing for people to keep their eyes peeled for Kush.

The saga continues to see if he can be caught and safely returned to the park.

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Source: three.fm

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