King Chiaullee

Set: Continental Stomp
The first track on the 2006 album Nish!, Continental Stomp is fast becoming one of the band’s
trademarks. The set is made up of three new tunes by members of the band: Tune Generique (Gilno
Carswell)/Intercontinental Stomp (David Kilgallon)/O Brother, c’raad t’ou (Adam Rhodes).
Their latest album Nish! is available on iTunes

King Chiaullee is a vibrant five-piece
band playing a mixture of Manx and
Celtic music who love to chop,
change and merge different tunes &
styles. The outcome usually finds its
way back to a folk genre (the line-up
of fiddles, whistles, guitar, bouzouki,
mandolin, bodhran and double bass
makes sure of that!) but the more
you listen, the more you appreciate
those weird and wonderful musical
twists that King Chiaullee is fast becoming world renowned for!

The band has been around since 1997 when the lads first got together at high school. Initially playing
traditional Manx music, they soon started writing tunes of their own and picking up tunes from various
other countries on their travels. Their blend of traditional tunes and instruments with the contemporary
arrangements derived from a combined eclectic musical taste forms the unique King Chiaullee sound.

King Chiaullee features on various compilations including the official Festival Interceltique de Lorient
CD 2008 and has produced three of its own CDs over the years.


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