Isle of Man TT Trailer – Luke Huxham – IOM TT

肩を叩くスタートの合図とともに信号が青になり、加速して「ブレーヒル」に突入する。そんな時は世界最高の崖っぷちから飛び込んだような感覚で息を飲む。QUOTED from Jalopnik’s article In – The Deadliest Race In The World

“The Isle Of Man TT has claimed over 200 lives, yet riders keep showing up and the race keeps going. Many of us wonder how it’s all allowed to continue. This film, In Loving Memory, looks at the why.

Directed by the inimitable Luke Huxham. The 20-minute short follows riders from first timers to the greatest legends still alive in the sport today. It’s a strange mix of confidence, apprehension, and fatal attraction that has them race what is basically a closed-off country road at 200 miles an hour.

It is, in a word, mesmerising.”

Director / DOP : Luke Huxham ルーク ハクスハム
Aerial DOP : Robert Eder


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