Isle of Man TT and MGP Memorial – Part 2 of 2

This video (and Part 1 ) is designed as a tribute and remembrance to the 225 people that have died on the Isle of Man TT Snaefell mountain course (1911 to 2008) during both the Tourist Trophy (TT) and the Manx Grand Prix (MGP) races/practices. The TT course is the most challenging road racing course in the world. The names and locations of fatal accidents appear on the video as we travel the course – in real time.

The Snaefell mountain course will be 100 years old in 2011. These riders and passengers, along with thousands of others, have all thrilled millions of motorcycle racing fans over the last 100 years, though tragically died doing what they were free to do – race. Please consider donating to those charities mentioned in the video to support them, and please continue to support the TT and MGP.

The riders are: Victor J.Surridge, Frank R Bateman, Fred Walker, J H H Veasey, Ned Brew, J T A Temple Archie Birkin, John Cooke, Cecil T Ashby, Doug Lamb, Freddie G.Hicks, Frank Longman, Arthur Pilling, Syd Crabtree, John Gilbert, J.P.Williamson, J.A.MacDonald, Doug Pirie, Jack Moore, Percy Pritlove, Karl Gall, A.W.F.Johns, Peter M Aitchinson, Benjy Russell, Johan Erik van Tilburg, Thomas Bryant, Neil (‘Noel’) Christmas, Ben Drinkwater, John Makaula-White, Thomas A. Westfield, Alfred Bent, Leonard C Bolshaw, John P. ODriscoll, John T Wenman, Doug L Parris, Chris Horn, J.M. Crowe, Frank W.A. Fry, Brian A. Jackson, Ivor K. Arber, Kenneth R.V. James, Michael Richardson, Harry L Stephen, Thomas W Swarbrick, Les Graham, Geoffrey G. Walker, Raymond G Ashford, Simon E. Sandys-Winsch, Ronald Butler, Eric W. Milton, James Watson Davie, David Merridan, Peter G Kirkham, Maurice W. Saluz, Charles F Salt, John F. Antram, Desmond D. Woolf, Maurice Wassell, John Hutchinson, James E. Coates, John D. Hamilton, John T. Sapsford, Michael T Brookes, Marie Lambert, Ralph Rensen, Geofrey J Griffin, Fred Neville, Tom Phillis, Colin Meehan, Tom Pratt, Charles E Robinson, Geofrey C. Prentice, Keith T. Gawler, Raymond Rowe, Brian W Cockrell, Laurence P Essery, George B Armstrong, Toshio Fujii, Brian Duffy, Alfred E Shaw, Geoffery Proctor, Kenneth E. Herbert, Ian D.Veitch, Peter Ray, Roger Perrier, Arthur Lavington, Gordon V.Taylor, Michael L. Bennett, Iain Sidey, Les Iles, Michael Collins, Denis Blower, Santiago Herrero, John Wetherall, Brian Steenson, George Collis, Brian Finch, Maurice A.Jeffery, Gilberto Parlotti, Chris M. Clarke, John L. Clarke, Eric R. Piner, Peter L. Hardy, David J. Nixon, Nigel J. Christian, David Forrester, Peter McKinley, Phil Gurner, Brian McComb, Walter Wörner, Les Kenny, David Featherstone, Peter Tulley, Ivan Houston, Norman Tricoglus, Neil Edwards, Steven Davis, Mac Hobson, Kenny Birch, Ernst Trachsel, Mike Adler, Michael L. Sharpe, Steve Verne, Fred Launchbury, Steven R. Holmes, Alain Taylor, Martin B. Ames, Andrew M. Holme, Roger W. Corbett, Kenneth M. Blake, Alain K. Atkins, Roger J. Cox, David James Millar, Sven Tomas Eriksson, Mats Urban Eriksson, Rob Vine, Ian Ogden, Alan G. Jarvis, Eugene P. McDonnell, Andy Cooper, Nigel Hale, Kenneth P. Norton, Martin Jennings, Ricky Dumble, Kenneth N. Harmer, Brian Warburton, Marco Fattorelli, John Mulcahy, Phil Hogg, Phil Mellor, Steve Henshaw, Colin Keith, Ian Standeven, John Smyth, Bernard Trout, Kevin Howe, Ian Young, Petr Hlavatka, Frank Duffy, Roy Anderson, Paul Rome, Mark Jackson, Manfred Stengl, Craig Mason, John Judge, Steve Harding, Cliff Gobell, Kenneth J. Virgo, Rob Mitchell, Mark Farmer, Paul R. Faragher, Duncan Muir, Nicholas E.A. Teale, Aaron Kennedy, Rob Holden, Mick Lofthouse, Stephen J. Tannock, Nigel Haddon, Jack Gow, Russell Waring, Colin Gable, Danny Shimmin, Pamela Cannell, Roger Bowler, Emmet Nolan, Mike Casey, Charles I Hardisty, John Henderson, Adam Woodhall, Rob Wingrave, Chris East, Bernadette Bosman, Simon Beck, Terry Fenton, Stuart Murdoch, Martin J. Smith, Stephen Wood, Chris Ascott, Raymond Hanna, Leslie Williams, Kenneth Munro, Colin Daniels, Shane Ellis, Leslie Turner, Phil Hayhurst, David Jefferies, Martin Farley, Serge le Moal, Paul Cowley, Colin Breeze, Gavin Feighery, Tommy Clucas, Joakim Karlsson, Les Harah, Gus Scott, Geoff Sawyer, John Loder, Eddie Byers, Tim Johnson, John Bourke, Don Leeson, Jun Maeda, Terry Craine, Marc Ramsbotham, John Goodall, John Crellin (2009), Richard Bartlett (2009).


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