Isle of Man stamp series celebrates bird conservation charity – BBC News

A set of stamps honouring conservation work on the Isle of Man will bring “wildlife through all our doors”, a bird charity has said.

Renowned wildlife artist Jeremy Paul has painted the images, which celebrate the work of Manx BirdLife (MBL).

The eight designs feature some of the island’s most recognisable birds.

MBL’s education officer Michelle Storton said the charity was “honoured” that the stamps “celebrate the importance of our research”.

Since its launch in 1998, MBL has charted the island’s wild birds with the additional aim of protecting them and their habitats.

All of the birds painted have been recorded breeding on the Isle of Man, although some, such as the wheatear, make only brief stops on the island as they migrate.

The stamps will be available from 19 September and come with a booklet that details the eight species captured in the images.


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