Isle of Man pulled up drawbridge . . . and eradicated virus – The Times

On the Isle of Man, the first place in the British Isles to step away from social distancing, some residents cannot quite believe it.

“It feels naughty to go out,” Isla Scott, 49, a physiotherapist, said. “It doesn’t feel so normal yet as I’ve had to change how I work and also because my brain hasn’t adapted. But I’m obviously ecstatic to be back treating people.”

At The Sidings, a popular pub, Thursday evening, the first with no restrictions, was as busy as a normal Saturday. Although pubs had been open since social distancing ended a week ago, their restrictions were only fully lifted days later.

Speaking over the laughter and chatter, Dave Sayle, the landlord, said: “There must be 100 people here. The atmosphere


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