Isle of Man master watchmakers commemorated in new stamps | ITV News – ITV News

Three master watchmakers linked to the Isle of Man have been commemorated on six stamps.

John Harwood, George Daniels and Dr Roger W Smith OBE all called the Isle of Man home whilst they made their timepieces.

The Isle of Man is a nation regarded by many watchmakers and enthusiasts alike, as the country of origin for some of the finest watches and timepieces in the world.

Roger W Smith OBE, said “I am delighted to have contributed to this fascinating stamp issue by the Isle of Man Post Office.

“It reminds us not just about the achievements of John Harwood and George Daniels, but also the Isle of Man as a very special place in the pantheon of horological invention.”

 Maxine Cannon, General Manager Isle of Man Stamps & Coins, said: “We are proud to be able to showcase another facet of our Island with this landmark stamp issue.

“It is incredible to think that some of the horological society’s most highly rated master watchmakers were connected to the Isle of Man in such an inextricable way. Our gratitude goes out to Roger W Smith OBE and Alastair Audsley whose contributions and support were invaluable in the creation of this stamp issue.”


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