Isle of Man hosepipe ban lifted after days of heavy rain – BBC News

A hosepipe ban on the Isle of Man has been lifted after days of heavy rain.

The ban was introduced on 5 June following the driest spring on the island for 35 years.

The easing of restrictions comes after 110mm of rain fell in June, amounting to double the average rainfall for the period in previous years.

Manx Utilities chairman Tim Baker MHK said people were still encouraged “to use water wisely throughout the summer months”.

During the ban, water usage fell by about three million litres a day but reservoirs have since recovered to about 77% of their capacity, the company said.

Those found breaking the rules by washing cars, watering gardens or jet-washing driveways could have faced fines of up to £2,000.

Mr Baker said: “I know many people will be pleased to see this restriction removed but I also know the majority understand the importance of having access to essential clean drinking water that supports our daily way of life.

“We will continue to monitor daily levels of stock and consumption and would still encourage the public to use water wisely throughout the summer months in particular.”

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