Isle of Man health centre will have ‘massive impact’ on patients – BBC News

A new integrated health facility on the Isle of Man will have a “massive impact” on patients, the health minister has said.

The Western Wellbeing Centre in Peel links several services, such as mental health, home care and hospice care.

David Ashford said it offered a “joined up” service and allowed staff to focus on “what is best for the patient”.

The scheme is the first of its kind on the island and follows a year-long pilot project.

The existing Peel adult day care centre will remain at the facility, which has been refurbished throughout to accommodate the additional services.

Other services at the centre include dementia care, social work and a community wellbeing service for people with conditions such as anxiety, stress and depression.

An integrated system was one of 26 recommendations made in a review of the island’s healthcare system published in May 2019 by former NHS senior executive Sir Jonathan Michael.

Community support service manager Rosalind Lane said the new centre would provide “a far better experience” for patients.

It would make seeking care “smoother” and “less scary” for patients, she added.

The scheme means just one referral form is needed to access all of the services, rather than up to 33 that was previously the case.

Regular meetings will allow providers to share information.

Professor Anne Hendry, of the International Foundation for Integrated Care, said the centre was a “great space for collaborative working” and would “build care and support that’s personal”.


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