Isle of Man Government release repatriation plans for residents stuck overseas – ITV News

The Isle of Man Government has revealed plans to return Manx residents who did not made it back to the Island before the borders closed.

Over 400 individuals have made contact with the government since they announced all arrivals to the Island would cease amid the coronavirus pandemic.

They have now decided only a small number of people will be allowed to return to the Island in a number of phases.

To start with, only 30 people will be allowed to return to the Island which will be randomly selected from the list of people who have filled out the application form.

A health check will be made prior to travelling and if an individual is not considered fit enough, then they will not travel.

Residents wishing to return will also be responsible for all payments.

This includes travel back to the UK, the ferry crossing to the Isle of Man and obligatory accommodation in the Isle of Man.

The Comis Hotel will be the first hotel providing accommodation to those arriving which will have 24-hour security.

Everyone arriving on the ferry will be expected to self-isolate in the hotel for a total of 14 days.


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