Isle of Man and Guernsey reach temporary health agreement – BBC News

Travellers from the Isle of Man to Guernsey will not have to pay for emergency medical treatment under a new health agreement, the government said.

Subsequent care and any air ambulance transfers from the islands to the UK will also be covered by the agreement.

The deal is a temporary measure and will only last for the duration of the air corridor between the islands.

Manx Health Minister David Ashford said the agreement was a “progressive step for the mutual benefit of our people”.

“Its simple aim is to ensure emergency treatment is provided free at the point of need for Manx visitors to Guernsey,” he added.

Visitors from Guernsey to the Isle of Man were already able to receive emergency medical treatment but that did not include further hospital care or transfers to the UK.

Under the temporary agreement this will be extended to Guernsey residents.

Services such as dental care, repatriation and GP appointments are not covered in either jurisdiction and visitors would still be required to pay for them.

Heidi Soulsby, president of Guernsey’s Committee for Health and Social Care, said travellers should continue to “secure their own travel insurance” wherever possible, but acknowledged this was “not an option for everyone”.

An air corridor between the two Crown Dependencies opened on 22 July and allows residents to travel freely between the islands without the need to self-isolate.

Flights between the two jurisdictions are currently scheduled up to 13 September.

Both the Isle of Man and Guernsey are currently coronavirus free.

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