Irish Goddess Macha

{video made by Laurel}

Our first episode in our ‘Irish Pantheon’ series, featuring the Goddess Macha.

Sources of Information:

‘The Mast of Macha’ by Catherine Mowat

‘Celtic Goddesses’ by Miranda Green

‘The Ancient Irish Goddess of War’ by William Hennessey

‘Myths and Legends of the Celtic Race’ by Thomas Rolleston

‘Celtic Myth and Legend’ by Charles Squire

‘Heroic Romances of Ireland’ by A.H. Leahy

‘The Horse in Celtic Culture’ edited by Sioned Davies & Nerys Ann Jones

‘Irish Druids And Old Irish Religions’ by James Bonwick

Sound& Music:

‘The Hanging of Jamie Macpherson’ by Grey Aengus

‘The March of Cambreadth’ by Heather Alexander

‘Crows’ by Q.K.


All images in this video are available for use through Creative Commons.

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