IOM TT 2012 Sidecar Practice Monday Ramsey Hairpin

Monday evening’s 2012 TT Sidecar practice. as seen from Ramsey Hairpin.

This used to be a magnificent and unique viewing point.
From the inside of this very tight bend it used to be possible to look down on the bikes as they arrived at the corner, swung around in a tight semicircle, and powered on up the hill towards the Waterworks.
But now it has been completely spoilt by the thoughtless or selfish positioning of an advertising hoarding that entirely blocks the spectators’ view of the riders as they pass the apex of the corner.
The advertisement can only be seen, from the opposite side of the road, by the occasional visiting TV camera during a fleeting glimpse each lap of a few of the leading riders. The rest of the time it just gets in the way of the spectators, generating a great deal of ill-will, which is presumably not the intended purpose of an advertising board.
Although it is hardly necessary, since the area is plastered with many more of the same banners, if they really wanted one here it could have been placed close to the barrier rope, where it would not have obscured the view, as everyone would have been able to see over the top of it.
However it would be better still if it was removed altogether.
See what you think, near the end of the video.


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