Illegal Chagos Stamps Explained: #philately 19

Let’s take a look at the recent stamp news from the Chagos Islands, why the UPU has declared that any British stamps from these islands will be illegal! Also let’s check out some new philatelic YouTube channels and viewer mail on this episode of #philately.

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Stamps in the news
Statue of liberty error:
Royal Mail D-Day:
Vatican Stamps:
Spain’s Equality Stamps:

Chagos Stamps
BIOT Post office:
Using the BIOT post office and their stamps (Page 12):

About the Chagos Islands

YouTube Channels
Mallard visiting the stamp show:
Postal Pleasures:
I’ll be Stamped:
– Interview with James Gavin:
Stamp Cat Stamps:
– APS Interview:

Viewer Mail
RF_Cote on Instagram (prehistoric flip flop):
Postal Museum London:
Isle of Man Post:
Disello stamps:
Montserrat and Freddie in Barcelona:
Positively Postal Stamp Club:
Philatelovely Etsy:
Kyrgyz Express Post:
Australia Post 2020 book:
Adanaland Flickr:
Hedgehog Press:

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