Hop-tu-Naa: Sung in Manx by the Bunscoill Ghaelgagh

The Manx language version of the hop-tu-naa song, performed in a shortened form by pupils of the Bunscoill Ghaelgagh.

Hop-tu-naa is celebrated in the Isle of Man on the 31st of October with people going around the community with carved turnip lanterns and singing one of the traditional songs. The oldest known hop-tu-naa song is in Manx.
Children from the Manx language school, the Bunscoill Ghaelgagh, recorded the song, with their own musical accompaniment, and created this animation of it in October 2017.
We owe them our thanks for allowing us to upload it here for public enjoyment.

The words sung here are as follows:

1. Ta shenn Oie Houney, Hop-tu-naa! / T’an eayst soilshean, Trol-la-laa!
‘Tis Hollantide Night, Hop-tu-naa! / The moon shines bright, trol-la-laa!

Hop-tu-naa as Trol-la-laa, / Ta shenn Oie Houney, Hop-tu-naa!
Hop-tu-naa and Trol-la-laa, / ‘Tis Hollantide Night, Hop-tu-naa!

2. Noght Oie Houney, Hop-tu-naa! / Mairagh Laa Houney, Trol-la-laa!
Tonight is Hollantide night, Hop-tu-naa! / Tomorrow is Hollantide Day, Trol-la-laa! etc.

3. Veeit mee poul kayt, / Reh eh scryssey.
I met a polecat, / He grinned at me.

4. Ren mee roie, / Roie mee gys Nalbin,
I ran, / I ran to Scotland.

The full set of lyrics to the Manx hop-tu-naa song can be found amongst the downloadable resources for hop-tu-naa on the Culture Vannin website:

More about the Bunscoill Ghaelgagh can be found on the Learn Manx website: http://www.learnmanx.com/

This film was uploaded with permission from the Bunscoill Ghaelgagh by Culture Vannin in 2017. Culture Vannin exists to promote and support all aspects of culture in the Isle of Man.


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