Guernsey air-bridge tourists enjoy Isle of Man’s beauty – BBC News

Guernsey tourists have been taking advantage of exploring the “beautiful” Isle of Man.

They took advantage of the “air bridge” agreement between the two Crown Dependencies that began on 22 July.

Visitors have enjoyed the open spaces of the larger island and seeing heritage sites, as well as getting away for the first time since March.

One couple, Rosemary and David Eaton, said they had also been able to visit “long-lost family”.

Mr Eaton said his cousin, in Kirk Michael, was “over the moon” when they paid her a surprise visit.

Mrs Eaton said she thought the “open spaces” of the island were “beautiful”, adding: “It’s lovely to be somewhere different.”

Both islands are currently coronavirus-free, meaning visitors do not have to self-isolate.

As a result, the newly formed Isle of Man FC will play its first ever game against Guernsey FC in August.

Stuart and Susie Carnegie said they spent much of their time exploring the history and heritage of the island.

Mr Carnegie said: “The people have been incredibly nice, much nicer than I thought, I thought that they might be strange, I don’t know why.”

Asked if they thought the direct flights would continue, Mrs Carnegie said she hoped so, adding: “A change is as good as a rest, as they say.”

David Green, who had been to the island on business before, enjoyed having time to explore the “different type of island” this time round.

He said he had been able to catch up with friends from his “working days over here” over meals out, walks and visiting attractions.

“It’s been absolutely fantastic,” he added.


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