Government ignorant of citizens’ opinions, claims Green Party leader – Manx Radio

Intent shown to invest in more fossil fuel extraction

The leader of the Isle of Man Green Party has accused the Isle of Man Government of “being ignorant of opinions of Island citizens” and of “showing contempt of the Island’s biosphere status”.

Andrew Newton was speaking after the Department of Infrastructure announced it was seeking ‘technical and fiscal advice to assist in the ‘exploration and exploitation of hydrocarbons in Manx territorial waters.

Last year, the government awarded a licence to Crogga Ltd, an Isle of Man company, to explore for oil and gas.

Speaking live on Mandate this morning, Mr Newton said whilst he’s aware no drilling has taken place yet, the move shows intent by government to invest in more fossil fuel extraction:

A statement issued by government yesterday says the transition to zero carbon technologies will be expensive and it’s hoped that any potential revenue gained from exploiting oil and gas reserves would help the move to more sustainable alternatives.

It pointed out that before the company can progress further, it must collect data by undertaking seismic surveys, subject to gaining necessary consents from the Department of Infrastructure and the Department of the Environment, Food and Agriculture.

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