glide 3dfx Sega Manx tt Superbike 1997

Sega Manx TT Superbike 1997 . PC Port of the model2 arcade game and sega Saturn . Built in 3dfx support . runs full speed even with a voodoo 1 . sorry about game play . did not use vga splitter when recording . a little lag on screen is not good when playing this game . plus game likes certain gamepads only. with the wrong type the bike just quickly moves left or right . no fluid motion . I used keyboard when recording this video . the model 2 game is far more graphic friendly but I do think this is better than the Saturn version . will one day put all 3 versions up and you can decide .. only 2 tracks to master on Saturn and model 2 . have a superbike option on pc plus unlike the Saturn link play too upto 8 players .


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