Ghosts, Bugganes & Fairy Pigs: Manx myths printed for first time in a century – BBC News

One of the “most important collections of Manx folklore ever published” has been reprinted for the first time in more than 100 years.

The tales in Ghosts, Bugganes & Fairy Pigs, compiled by German-born student of folklore, Karl Roeder, were last printed in 1904.

They feature stories about mythical Manx creatures including fairies, bugganes, ghosts and witches.

Culture Vannin said it was “one of the richest sources” of Manx mythology.

Mr Roeder, who lived in Manchester, collected the material during visits to the Isle of Man between 1890 and 1900.

Many of the stories were gathered from poet Edward Faragher, known locally as ‘Ned Beg Hom Ruy’, who lived in Cregneash village.

The stories include the tales of the ghost of a beggar-man who haunted those who had offended him, and a woman visited by a group of fairies while in bed at night.

The collection also features a recollection of the sighting of a “big wheel of fire” moving in the sky late at night, thought to be the island’s oldest documented UFO sighting.

Originally titled Manx Notes & Queries, the new edition of the book includes additional material by Mr Roeder, which was published in newspapers after the book was compiled.

Culture Vannin’s James Franklin said the organisation had decided to reprint the volume because “one of the best and most important collections ever published of Manx folklore” had been unavailable for over 100 years.

“In publishing it again we are enabling the people of the Isle of Man today to enjoy again one of the richest sources of the Island’s tales,” he added.


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